HD Flexo

HD Flexo is the next step in highquality flexo printing development. We are proud to announce that Impress Art was in 2014 “HD Flexo” certified by Esko.

This technology consists of a new process of making digital flexo plates. Compared to standard digital flexo forms, HD Flexo has a higher quality and offers great stability during the printing run. Esko HD Flexo technology combines high definition resolution of 4000dpi with unique screening method for a more clear and precise images. The result, a superior quality print and simplification of the manufacturing of plates due to high-resolution optics that improve print exposure for texts and lines and gives a clear halftone dots.

Great print results for any tone range; bright light colors, stable midtones, uniform solid colors and gradients, as well as higher density colored background.

Also, this technology allows the increase of the screen for flexo printing and at the same time to reduce the size of the minimum printing dot. As a result we obtain sharper images, smooth shades and extended color palette.

HD Flexo is closely approaching to gravure and offset printing quality. Because of it uniformity, bright colors and higher print quality, HD Flexo sets a new industry standard for quality flexographic printing. Flexo printing can now compete in quality with Offset in labels production and with gravure in flexible packaging.

Excellent flexo printing results start with excellent forms. Esko HD Flexo technology not only provides a new level of flexo printing quality, also reduces printing times. One HD Flexo from can be used to print a large run size. Also, as this form requires fewer washing cycles, the printing process is optimized.

Another important advantage is that flexo printing is more responsible with the environment than rotogravure printing by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions by half.

HD Flexo

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