Raw materials warehouse

Raw materials for an uninterrupted production for at least 1 month are stocked in our modern warehouse. An innovation system allows access at any moment to all material descriptions and locations.

Our raw material and finished production warehouses are fully equipped to guarantee all the sanitary, technological and other quality regulations at every stage from raw materials reception to the shipment of finished products

Warehouse materials

Finished goods warehouse

When our production is finished, before we stock it in its dedicated warehouse, pass a strict quality control, where every production roll is analyzed and labeled with all its production order information. Then products are placed and packed in a pallet following the international packaging regulation and labeled with all their relevant information.

Our warehouses are prepared to optimize the shipment process. For large orders, finished products can be shipped by phases, if need be.

Shipment can be carried out either by a third party or by us, as we have our own transport fleet.

Finished goods warehouse


To ensure efficiency in delivery of our materials and finished products, Impress Art has its own modern transport fleet fully equipped to ensure production safety and quality.

Our fleet can carry from 3 tons up to 20 tons.


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