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Laser cleaning roll

Laser cleaning of anilox

The packaging business evolves very fast, so do we thanks to new technology One of our latest acquisitions is an Enviroxi laser cleaning roll from Comexi (Spain). This modern equipment cleans aniloxes in a very efficient way, assuring great and fast cleaning of aniloxes

Aniloxes are rolls with small cells used to transfer ink; therefore they are one of the key elements in printing business. Depending on their quality and cleanliness will have one ink transfer rate or other. The highest the printing quality is, a fewer cells the anilox has; and at the same time it is harder to clean up.

There are few different technologies to clean aniloxes, for example chemical cleaning. The results are definitely not good as laser cleaning, neither to environment. Also, chemical products used can damage anilox surface and its cells after certain time.

Another technology is the ultrasound cleaning. Aniloxes cells are cleaned through ultrasound waves. In that case, it is indeed more friendly to environment than chemical cleaning, but still not an ideal solution as this ultrasound eventually can damage aniloxes cells.

Our solution, laser cleaning. Nowadays, it is considered the most effective roll cleaning technology, eco friendly, preserves anilox physical properties while providing a deep an complete cleaning of every single cell.

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