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Extrusion lamination

Extrusion lamination

Our facilities are equipped with a modern extruder laminator from Rotomec BOBST Group. Extruder laminator allows coating and laminating different substrates and polymer films, for example : PET/PE, BOPP/PE, Paper/PE, Cardboard/PE, AL/PE, Maximum width of final material 1200mm, thickness of polymer materials applied from 7-100 microns, maximum width of initial material 1300mm and minimum 600mm.

Equipped with an NDC and Doteco systems, allow for the constantly measuring of thickness and material profile during the run.

Extrusion lamination is a well-known method used to produce simple and complex multilayer compositions based on paper, board, foil or other flexible materials. Lamination is based on the method when hot molten polymers are applied through a slot die onto the surface of the material at the grammage of 10-40 g/m2. As a result of this process a composite material with a solid coating is produced.

Combination of pressure between rollers and temperature provides necessary adhesion.

Finished product is rewinded into rolls. For certain types of films and foils, a primer coat is required to be applied during the extrusion process. A second unwinder allows us to laminate two materials. The process of extrusion lamination is similar to the process of extrusion coating, however, in this case polymer is applied between two materials and acts as an adhesive joint.

To produce paper coated with polyethylene, paper needs to be processed with a corona treatment to achieve the best adhesion.

Composite materials produced with an extruder laminator have strong resistance to delamination as well as high physical and barrier properties. During the run the surplus material is automatically cut and vacuumed. Final material is rewinded at the end of the process.

The extruder has a production capacity up to 600 tons per month.

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